Ginnie & Milo at Curfts 2020 - Main Ring
Ginnie & Milo at Curfts 2020 - Main Ring

We live in a house in Korsør, close to both beach and forest.
Before the Dutch Kooikerhondje came into our lives, we had 1 Labrador and 3 Hovawarts.
Since 2014, it is the Kooiker who has been the breed of our lives.
When we had the Hovawarts, we mostly spent our traning in obedience and family activities.
One of the reasons we switched to the Kooiker was that Lasse wanted to run agility and we wanted a smaller breed that was easier to bring on holiday.
We got our first Kooiker in 2014: Bailey - from Kennel Wassikooi. Bailey ran class 3 Agility and it was with Bailey we got our eyes on the exhibition.
We have always had 2 dogs at once, so when our third Hovawart died, of course we had to have Kooiker no.2: Milo - from Kennel Vitovani.
Milo also ran Agility and after showing Bailey a lot, we had acquired a taste for that part of the dog world.
As a showdog dog, Milo was something very special and quickly achieved many great titles, both in Denmark and abroad.
With Milo, Ginnie started at NoseWork, which is a great sport for the Kooiker.
Today we have Dizel and Tino- both are from Kennel Duckhills in Sweden.
Tino and Dizel is halfbrothers, as they have the same mother.
Tino and Dizel are both very lovely, loving and welcoming Kooikers. Both has a good temperament and loves to do any kind of training. Agility, NoseWork, Tracking/Schweiss and showtraining – no matter what we are doing together, they both have a party.
Together with our dogs, we have got to know many dog people and their beautiful dogs. We have had many good experiences, at rallies and dogshows around Denmark and abroad, and we enjoy being away with our dogs.
The Kooiker is easy to travel with and since it is a really beautiful dog, we are often stopped by strangers who want to know what kind of breed it is.
We are a member of the Danish Kennel Club, The Danish Kooiker Club, German Kooiker Club and Dutch Kooiker Club. In addition, we have access to ZooEasy. ZooEasy is the database of all registered (and reported) Kooikers since 1946.
In 2020, we have both completed the Danish Kennel Club's Breeders' Education.